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Hello I am trying to lab better I kind of go into frame data and understand it but want to go deeper any tipd?
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2017.03.17 01:06 RoyCurtis [Guide] The DERPI player punishment system

Since the beginning of our survival server, we've used a punishment system called the DERPI, instead of temporary bans. I put this system together with a combination of plugins and Skripts.
Subjectively, this system has been a highly effective alternative to temporary bans. It forces misbehaving players to show they care enough to rejoin the community, acting also like a filter for bad players.
This guide is intended for Survival server owners looking for a punishment system to start with, or to complement/replace an existing system. Credit goes to PosterAnonymous, Rob and Geo for this idea and the name.

What is the DERPI?

For the guide itself, skip to "Setting up the DERPI system"
DERPI, or DEMEANOR ERADICATION & REHABILITATION PENITENTIARY INSTITUTE, is where bad players are sent and forced to mine enough cobblestone to buy freedom. It is a single world (also known as the "quarry") made entirely of stone. When a player needs to be punished, they are "quarried" and sent to this world. It has these features:
  • Freedom is earned by mining and selling enough cobble - There are no time limits; players can't simply log out for a month and return, expecting to be released. This forces players to put effort into earning their freedom.
    • In our case, 16 cobble sells for $2.50 and freedom costs $270. Assuming that a player is quarried with default penalty of 0, this means freedom requires 1728 cobble (27 stacks) mined.
  • Only wooden pickaxes for mining - One pickaxe is given initially. Pickaxes can be bought for 16 cobble each. If the player runs out of cobble, they get a max of one free pickaxe per day. This teaches players to manage their resources carefully.
  • Only baked potatoes for eating - Each one costs 8 cobble
  • Chat is blocked, in and out (cannot send or receive messages) - This socially isolates inmates, as part of their punishment
  • Deaths are possible, but muted - This prevents inmates from spamming the server with death messages. There is no keepInventory, so they must be wary of dangers left by other inmates
  • PvP is forcibly enabled - Inmates may be subject to shankings by other inmates
  • Mob spawns are disabled - Having mobs around would be too much hassle for inmates. This also costs too much server performance than should be given to inmates.
  • Inmates are announced upon joining - A broadcast explains that they are in the DERPI and how much their current balance is, to allow the community to keep track of their progress
  • Public viewing gallery - Above the shack is a barrier block'd area for players to watch inmates' progress
  • Logging and status checking commands - Staff can use /quarrylog and /quarryinfo to see an inmate's DERPI log and status, respectively
  • Custom penalty - By default, an inmate's money is irreversibly reset to 0 (henceforth "penalty") as part of their punishment. However, a custom penalty (e.g. -1000, -2000) can be set for severe or repeat offences.
  • Payment blocking - Players are prevented from giving money to inmates

Why DERPI instead of temporary bans?

As originally posted here, in response to a player's question
This came about because of our experiences with other servers. If somebody were to be banned for something like griefing... they'd only get a week or two ban. Typically, these kinds of players are kids with a lot of spare time.
A week, two weeks, a month.. this is nothing for them. They can just do other things to wait it out. Thus, the lesson is not learnt. When such rules are broken, they have demonstrated an inability to understand the rules they agreed to when doing the approval process. Or an intent to break them.
It never made sense to us. So, the DERPI process forces offenders to demonstrate that they want to be part of the community by doing hard labor. If they can demonstrate that they have learnt their lesson and want to be part of the community, they will do so by taking the time to earn their access back.

Design goals

  • Don't make it an attractive or fun place to be - A lot of players found the idea of DERPI quite exciting, and would ask to be sent there on a trial basis. After doing so, they quickly realize how tedious and unpleasant it is. Going to DERPI shouldn't be a goal for players. It's earned a well deserved and intentional reputation for being the last place to be.
    • To this end, there are no scoreboards or pretty builds or hidden areas/easter eggs or anything special. Just stone and the shack.
  • Don't make it needlessly cruel or impossible - Mining stone with a wooden pickaxe and PvP are bad enough (the latter probably too much...), but if the DERPI is too difficult to progress, there isn't a point to having it.
    • At one point, staff were allowed to go in and throw snowballs at inmates. I found this needlessly antagonistic and unproductive (but maybe a bit funny...), and so put an end to it.
  • Don't use it for new players - If a player has just joined the server and starts griefing, we just perma-ban. Our rules are clear and up-front, so immediately breaking them shows no intent to be a productive part of the community. DERPI should not be used for drive-by griefers and low-effort newbies.

Setting up the DERPI system

Adjust anything in this guide to taste; you don't necessarily need to use the same plugins or settings


  • CleanroomGenerator, or equivalent flat generator plugin
  • EssentialsX, or equivalent plugin that can provide economy and warp signs
  • Multiverse-Core, or equivalent multi-world plugin. Must be able to at least create a standalone nether-type world with a custom generator
  • PerWorldInventory, or equivalent per-world inventory plugin
    • This plugin has bad reviews related to inventories getting deleted. I have used 1.9.0 for months now without issue but YMMV.
  • Skript. Needed to run the custom DERPI scripts I have written (or write your own!)
  • WorldEdit & WorldGuard, or equivalent area protection plugin
  • zPermissions, or equivalent permissions plugin

DERPI world

Want to just copy and paste the Multiverse config into worlds.yml? Use this gist!
First, you must setup a separate world for the DERPI. This is so inmates are isolated to an entire world of stone.
  1. Install Multiverse and CleanroomGenerator
  2. /mv create world_derpi nether -g CleanroomGenerator:200,stone - Creates world_derpi world that:
    • Is nether type, so it has a dark red sky
    • Uses CleanroomGenerator to generate a flat world of 200 layers of stone + bottom bedrock layer
  3. Do the following to change world settings. . .
    • /mvm set respawnWorld world_derpi world_derpi - Makes dead players respawn in the DERPI
    • /mvm set pvp true world_derpi - Enables PVP
    • /mvm set difficulty hard world_derpi - Sets difficulty to HARD
    • /mv gamerule doMobSpawning false world_derpi - Prevents mob spawning
    • /mv gamerule doWeatherCycle false world_derpi - Prevents weather cycle
  4. /mvtp e:world_derpi:0,200,0- Takes you to the middle of the new world
  5. Do the following to set the world border. . .
    • /worldborder center 0 0 - Centers border at 0 0
    • /worldborder set 200 - Sets the world border to a radius of 100 blocks

DERPI shack

Next, you must setup a shack that inmates can teleport to. It'll act as the spawn and have signs for selling cobble, buying food, pickaxes and freedom.
  1. /mvtp e:world_derpi:0,200,0- Takes you to the middle of the new world
  2. Download the DERPI shack and viewing gallery schematic to plugins/WorldEdit/schematics. Alternatively, build your own with:
  3. //paste - Pastes the shack at your current location


Want to just copy and paste the region config into world_derpi/regions.yml? Use this gist!
The shack and viewing gallery must be regioned. Protecting the shack from changes is important, as it's where inmates interact with the DERPI.
  1. Set the following flags for the world's global region. . .
    • /rg flag __global__ send-chat deny - Prevents all chat going out
    • /rg flag __global__ receive-chat deny - Prevents all chat going in
    • /rg flag __global__ pvp allow - Ensures PVP is enabled
    • /rg flag __global__ weather-lock DOWNFALL - Enables permanent rain
  2. Use a //wand to select from one corner of the surrounding stone to the other
  3. //expand vert - Expands the selection from bedrock to ceiling
  4. /rg create derpi_shack - Creates the derpi_shack region

Viewing gallery

This will be an area for visitors to watch inmates mine cobble. You can skip this if you'd rather keep the DERPI isolated.
  1. Above the shack or in a remote area, create a double-thick box of barrier blocks
    • The double thickness prevents people leaking through
  2. Add a clearly indicated EssentialsX warp sign to allow visitors to exit
    • Alternatively, clearly explain any commands visitors can use to exit
  3. Select the entire barrier block box
  4. /rg create derpi_gallery - Creates the derpi_gallery region
  5. /rg setpriority derpi_gallery 100 - Makes the gallery region override the shack region
  6. Set the following flags. . .
    • /rg flag derpi_gallery send-chat allow - Allows visitor chat to go out
    • /rg flag derpi_gallery receive-chat allow - Allows visitors to hear server chat
    • /rg flag derpi_gallery feed-delay 1 && /rg flag derpi_gallery feed-amount 10 - Prevents visitor hunger
For a welcome message, add this flag:
/rg flag derpi_gallery greeting You are in the §lDemeanor Eradication and Rehabilitation Penitentiary Institute §r(DERPI).\n§7You are just spectating the in-mates.

Inventory separation

Next, you will need to isolate the inventory of DERPI inmates. They can't bring their survival items into DERPI, nor bring any wodden pickaxes or cobblestone out. We can do this with PerWorldInventories.
First, teleport back to your survival world. Else, your inventory may get lost.
You must add a new group called derpi to PWI's worlds.yml. Add the following to the groups: block (pay attention to the two spaces at the beginning)
 derpi: worlds: - world_derpi default-gamemode: SURVIVAL 
Then do /pwi reload to reload configuration.


Want to just copy and paste the zpermissions data into data.yml? Use this gist!
Next, you need to setup a permission group for inmates. This is critical to isolate the server's functions from inmates. You will also need to setup quarrying permissions for your staff. Adapt these instructions for your permissions plugin:
  1. Create permission group inmate that inherits from nobody (not even default!)
  2. Set the group's priority to 999; this is critical so that no other groups can override permissions in this group
  3. Set the permission * to false
    • Some plugins do not support this, but I still think it good security
    • If you have plugins (e.g. EssentialsAntiBuild) that use permissions to determine if players can break blocks or interact with signs, make sure to set those to true
  4. Set the following permissions to true. . .
    • derpi.inmate - Used by Skript (and potentially other plugins) to identify inmates
    • essentials.balance - Allows use of /money
    • - Allows inmates to go into the negative (for harsher penalties)
    • essentials.worlds.world_derpi - Allows inmates to be teleported into the DERPI
    • multiverse.access.world_derpi - As above
  5. For extra security, consider setting these kinds of permissions to false. . .
    • minecraft.command.* - Prevents use of commands like /me, /kill, /tell, etc.
    • Any permissions for staff/ticketing commands (e.g. ticketmaster.user.create)
    • Any permissions for chat bridges (e.g. irc.message.*)
For staff (e.g. moderators), set derpi.moderator to true to allow them to use /quarry, /unquarry, /quarrylog and /quarryinfo
For players, set essentials.signs.use.warp to true to allow visitors to exit the DERPI gallery.


If you used a different world name than world_derpi, you must change it in the DERPI skripts!
For the live Skript files we are using (with server-specific commands), see our GitHub
Finally, these Skripts must be installed to power the DERPI, by handling commands and events. To Skript's scripts folder, add the and files from this gist.
Do /sk reload all to load the Skripts; there should be no errors. It should be ready to use without any further setup!

Using the DERPI


To send someone to the DERPI:
  • /quarry - Sends target to the DERPI with given reason and default penalty of $0
  • /quarry -1000 - Sends target to the DERPI with given reason and harsher penalty of $-1000
When a player is quarried, they are. . .
  1. (if offline) . . .queued for quarry. To undo this, /unquarry them
  2. (if quarried but escaped) . . .sent back to DERPI
  3. . . .unjailed from any EssentialsX jails
  4. . . .set to permission group inmate (all other groups removed)
  5. . . .reset to a balance of 0 (or negative, if specified)
  6. . . .teleported to world_derpi
  7. . . .shown an explanation of the DERPI, with a list of commands they can use and instructions
  8. . . .healed, DERPI inventory is cleared and are given a wooden pickaxe
  1. Reason, current balance and penalty is logged to /quarrylog
  2. Reason is broadcasted to everyone else in chat


Inmates will automatically be unquarried when they right-click the [Freedom] sign with sufficient funds.
To manually release someone from the DERPI:
  • /unquarry - Releases target from the DERPI
When a player is unquarried, they are. . .
  1. (if offline) . . .queued for release. To undo this, /unquarry again
  2. . . .set to permission group default (all other groups removed)


To check the who, when and why an inmate was quarried:
  • /quarryinfo
To get a log of quarries and releases for a player:
  • /quarrylog

Security considerations

As DERPI is a punishment system, security is critical. There must be no way for items, chat or players to leak into or out of the DERPI. Lessons learnt over the years:
  • If you use a logging plugin like PRISM, make sure not to rollback inventory events (e.g. putting things in chests) whilst an inmate is online. If possible, disable rollbacking of player inventory events.
    • One time, an inmate ended up with cake and armor in her DERPI inventory, as I had rolled back events of her putting stuff in her storage chests during griefing cleanup.
  • Whenever adding new plugins, commands or permissions, always test and ensure they do not introduce holes in DERPI's security.
    • For example, when I implemented /spawn, I did not make it check if the player was in the DERPI. An inmate escaped this way and had to be teleported back. This is why a massive stop sign now adorns the top of
  • Chat bridges (e.g. PurpleIRC) may need extra permissions to prevent chat and /me actions from going in or out of the DERPI
Any suggestions or issues with this guide? Please do comment. I'd also like to know about alternative systems, or if anybody integrates this system with a ban management system!
A big thank you to all the staff and players (both inmates and visitors) for testing the DERPI over the years. Thanks also to those who proved it to be an effective system, by taking the time and effort to show they learnt their lesson and wanted to be a productive member of the community.
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